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Effective cybersecurity is about looking ahead and preparing for the future, not getting stuck on past events.

Who We Are

Protect360 is a gamified cybersecurity awareness platform revolutionizing how organizations approach cybersecurity education. Our interactive and engaging approach ensures that learning is not only effective but also enjoyable, making cyber awareness a natural part of your organization's culture.

We're here to help you create a

human centric firewall

Platform Features!


  • Fully Gamified
  • Phishing Simulation
  • Compliance
  • Automated content scheduling
  • Customizable platform
  • Animated Videos
  • Cyber Attitude
  • Educational Alerts
  • Rankings
  • Badges

How does it work?

Competitors earn points when they learn good practices for data protection, adopt safe habits, report cybersecurity risks, and help out colleagues. The evolution of each player can be followed in the weekly, monthly and overall leaderboards. A player can rank up by:

Taking cybersecurity courses

Reporting cybersecurity risks

Answering quizzes and taking tests

Not falling victim to phishing messages

Putting safe cyberattitudes into practice

“I consider Hacker Rangers’ learning method to be very effective. The platform works as an essential factor to facilitate the awareness campaigns in companies in a playful and fun way.”
Stephanie Alexandre, Security Analyst at PlayKids

Our clients' reviews

“Hacker Rangers is a 10 for its proposal, innovation, and ease not only for the user, who can take the courses in the time that is comfortable for them, but also for the administrator, who can schedule the seasons and explore the resources freely.”
Alessandra Pacheco, security awareness officer at Z-Tech (Ambev)
“Hacker Rangers makes it possible to quickly implement an awareness program that reaches all employees with a playful, dynamic, and fun model, in addition to allowing the automation of the release of tasks.”
Carlos Lutz, senior information security analyst at CNP Brasil
“We created a huge team of Rangers (users) from different departments. We got a broader perspective and all Rangers helped us find security breaches through cyberattitudes.” Guilherme, IT Support Analyst at DoriCarlos Lutz,
senior information security analyst at CNP Brasil


Learn how dozens of companies are creating a cyber security culture with Hacker Rangers.


Learn more about the features that Hacker Rangers can offer to your business

• Fully gamified platform
• Animated videos
• Rankings
• Quizzes
• Badges
• Ranks
• Cyberattitudes
• Educational Alerts
• Phishing Simulations
•Content on information security
• Content on compliance
• Automated content scheduling
. Customizable platform

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Our Team

Meet Our Team

Kumayl Rajani
(Founder & CEO)

Darrin Forte
(Head of Sales)

Seth Shiver
(Chief Marketing Officer)

Kaitlyn Griffn
(Head of Strategic Partnerships)

Micah Thorne
(Chief of Growth & Government Advisor)

Your human firewall Partner

Your human firewall Partner

Your human firewall Partner


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